GST AVICOLE is a solution that increases the productivity of a poultry farm, by adopting batch monitoring of poultry production based on reference metrics.

Gst Avicole is available for managing broiler and turkey farms.

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GST AVICOLE was designed in a simple and comprehensive way to supervise and increase the professionalism of the activity of small and medium-sized poultry farmers.

With its notification system of weight gain standards, mortality and vaccination dates. GST AVICOLE makes it possible to provide breeders with knowledge of production standards, and to alert breeders in the event of non-compliance with mortality rates and Consumption Index.


GST AVICOLE makes it possible to track the key indicators of the performance of a poultry farm in order to allow breeders to:


GST AVICOLE today uses a multidisciplinary team that includes experienced breeding professionals, developers, designers, and salespeople.



DHS 0 6 months
  • 6 months free trial
  • 1 batch of poultry production


DHS 600 6 months
  • 4 batchs of poultry production


DHS 1200 6 months
  • 9 batchs of poultry production


DHS 1800 6 months
  • Unlimited productions


downloading GST AVICOLE was simple, and I am very satisfied, because it allows me to manage my poultry production on a daily basis. Thanks to its alert system, the application detects abnormal feed consumption and proactively warns the breeder to solve the problem and avoid losses, as well as the application makes it possible to compare the performance of several batches. of poultry production in a precise manner.
Mohammed lafriqui
Broiler breeder
I think that this application is of capital interest for the poultry sector, in the sense that it allows the poultry farmer to follow the zootechnical performance of his poultry farming on a daily basis, which was difficult before when he had to contact a professional.
Youssef Hajji
Technical-Commercial at a poultry feed factory
GST AVICOLE is an application that allows the poultry farmer to monitor the health of his poultry farming, it allows to alert the breeder in the event of a dimmunition of the Daily consumption of food or when the daily mortality rates or cumulated are abnormal, hence the interest for a poultry farmer to have this tool
Dr Atter Tarek
Private Veterinarian